Wonderhell - The Quiz

Welcome to Wonderhell!

We all want to reach a level of success where everything becomes easy.

But it never does. Each time we hustle to a new level, we find a new devil. It doesn’t get easier, it actually gets harder.

Why? Success isn’t a destination, it’s a portal. What we thought was the pinnacle of achievement (it’s wonderful!) is instead a door that invites us to live up to the burden of our newfound potential (it’s hell!). It’s Wonderhell!

Hustle for hustle's sake gets us only more hustle. We need to learn to re-categorize the emotions and expectations that we have had for our entire lives surrounding success.

We should stop aiming to survive these moments of Wonderhell, but to learn to thrive in them instead. Because what's on the other side of this Wonderhell? The next one, and the next one, and the next one after that.

How do you do that? Step right in, and learn how to enjoy the ride.

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